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One clue that you’ve found your passion is your willingness to do it for free. That’s how Ingrid Bazin, AKA Ingrid B, discovered that bringing people together to enjoy local talent while also giving that talent a much needed platform was her passion.Fifteen years ago when a friend was running a poetry spot, Ingrid said she stepped in to make sure people attended. “It was a favor to a friend. There was nobody there,” she said about the event. “This is cool, people should be here and I invited some people.”   READ MORE

Erotically Speaking: Bohemia Room brings 11 years of poetry

 The Bohemia Room has maintained a stronghold in the South Florida nightlife scene for 11 years. The monthly artist showcase features musical acts and poets from around the country. It’s owner, Ingrid B. Bazin, says success has everything to do with consistency.“I keep the integrity of what the event is,” Bazin says. “Other people that start poetry nights come and go because they’re not dedicated to the poets.” Rather than depending on raw talent, promoters often focus on celebrities to bring in the crowd. “I support and promote poets and their poetry.” Bazin also serves as the event’s host. READ MORE

Best Spoken Word And Poetry Venues In Miami

 There was once a time in Miami in which about all you could do for excitement was hit the beach, party with undulating sweaty throngs at Calle Ocho, hit Miami Jai-alai or hang with the inebriated rabid fans at a Hurricanes or Dolphins game. “Miami Vice” changed all that and put the magic city back on the map. The city’s cultural activities have blossomed. One of the fastest-growing indulgences takes place at a variety of venues that present poetry and spoken word readings.  With National Poetry Month coming up in April, be sure to check out these locations for current and future events.  READ MORE


 It takes a creative mind and a thoughtful soul in order to have the mindset of being able to ‘move the crowd’ with words and phrases. That would be a fine description of today’s Hello Beautiful’s featured guest, South Florida’s own Ingrid ‘Ingrid B’ Bazin. Fitting the West Indian stereotype of having many jobs, popularized on the 90s television series, ‘In Living Color’, she is a poet, television producer, host, spoken word artist, performer, promoter and no doubt, a ‘Soulcialite’. We got the chance to ask her 5 questions and she gracefully obliged as you are about to read. If you are ever in the South Florida area, Ingrid B is the person to get a hold of during your stay!  READ MORE

The Bohemia Room at Vlada Lounge Puts the Sex Back in Poetry

 Most people associate open-mike poetry nights with tie-dye, sneaky hits from Pyrex bowls, crusty flip-flops, and the stink of patchouli. But the Bohemia Roomat Vlada Lounge is the "Boom Boom Pow" version of those hippie nightmares. Sure, there'll be some political ranting, but it'll likely be followed by Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me."  READ MORE

Ingrid B: I'm the "Fly Old Auntie" of Miami's Poetry Scene By Peter Bailey

 In these parts, spoken word enthusiasts have found their resident Ms. Love Jonesin Ingrid B.Well, not quite."I'm getting old. I'm the grandma of the poetry scene in Miami," joked Ingrid late Wednesday night. "Ok, like a really fly old Auntie." READ MORE


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Def Poets Society

 Remember your boring high school English teacher, Ms. Hippobottom?Remember how she crammed your head with the formulas for villanelles, sestinas, and ghazals and forever ruined poetry for you? Time to get caught up to the present tense, because verse isn’t all Shakespearean sonnets and beatniks in berets; there’s also a little thing called spoken word, which bridges the old traditions with the now-ness of hip-hop. And you can find it right here in Miami.  READ MORE

In Honor of the XX

 Someone hasn’t gotten the word that truth was disproved by literary theorists almost 100 years ago, because the tautological yet somehow appropriately titled “spoken word” scene is still going strong. Few of its practitioners have garnered more attention than Georgia Me, AKA Tamika Harper. One of the original Def Poetry Jam performers, Georgia Me has performed on all five seasons of Russell Simmons’s HBO special and was featured in the Tyler Perry film Madea Goes to Jail. This Wednesday night, she will bring her truth-telling to the Miami Improv for the Bohemia Room’s presentation of To Her with Love: A Women’s History Month Celebration and Spoken Word Experience. READ MORE

Cum, Hear Some Poetry

Spoken word is the art you find at the intersection of poetry and music. Cultivated in the brains of artists who write to an imaginary beat that pulses in their heads, it is built to ignite passion, caution, or action. This stuff will make you move. Ingrid B. has been bringing the art of spoken word to South Florida for years, and you can trust that when she pulls together a cadre of performers, you’ll leave with poets’ lyrics ringing in your ears. Friday night’s show might also cause some tingling, um, down there.  READ MORE

National Poetry Month Begins With Some Spoken Word

100. Ingrid Bazin

 In honor of our People Issue, which will hit newsstands and computer screens November 25, Cultist proudly presents "100 Creatives," where we feature Miami's cultural superheroes.